How to Use This Guide

vi How to Use This Guide The Corporate Governance Guides for Boards in Singapore (CGGuides) series consists of the following: • Resource Guide. • Board Guide. • Audit Committee Guide. • Board Risk Committee Guide. • Nominating Committee Guide. • Remuneration Committee Guide. • eGuide to the Code of Corporate Governance. Except for the eGuide to the Code of Corporate Governance (which is online), all the other Guides are available in both printed and online forms. As information on leading practices and regulations related to Boards and Board Committees are spread throughout these seven Guides, the aim of this Resource Guide is to provide readers with a helicopter view of the seven CG Guides alongside tips on how to efficiently navigate through the various online and printed materials. SECTIONS OF THE RESOURCE GUIDE The sections of this Resource Guide set out useful information on the structure and contents of the other CG Guides. The sections are: 1. Overview of the CG Guides Series This section summarises the structure of the CG Guides series, and the form and format of each Guide. The commonality of certain content across the Guides is highlighted. In addition, the navigation of the online content is described.